iControl software solutions support energy management services that can be layered onto an interactive home security solution, enabling broadband service providers and home security companies to offer a value-added "green home" features to their customers.

Smart Meter
Touch Screen

Utilities can deploy iControl solutions to offer their customers a stand-alone energy management solution, enabling them to monitor, control and automate their energy usage while providing the Utility a means to control peak usage.

Utility Application

The iControl Utility application is an in-home solution that enables Utilities to control peak energy usage via demand response features, and allows consumers to monitor and control their energy expenditures to maximize efficiency. This increasingly popular demand response/consumer awareness solution promises to be the industry standard.

  • Touch Screen - Simple-to-use, widget-based user interface
  • ZigBee-Based Gateway - Home network connectivity using the industry‚Äôs most prominent wireless protocol
  • Utility Smart Meter Infrastructure - Leverages existing AMI systems for metering information, pricing signals, and utility command and control messages
  • Low-Cost Peripherals - Wireless thermostats, lighting modules and more
  • Cost-Effective Solution - Low investment for high demand services

Service Provider Application

Broadband service providers and home security companies can offer energy management services to their customers as a standalone service or layered with an interactive home security offering to deliver a comprehensive connected home management experience.

  • Monitor - Review energy usage in real-time to track and compare daily, weekly, and monthly trends to pre-set energy and expenditure goals
  • Remote Control - Remotely manage and control devices from the web, iPhone or mobile phone
  • Automate - For example, set the system using smart thermostats configurations to minimize use of high-energy consuming devices such as AC and heating units
  • Customer Cost Savings - The average energy bill can be reduced by 10% - 20%

Customizable, turnkey energy management solutions are available to revolutionize the way Utility, broadband service provider and home security customers manage energy usage.

Energy Monitoring

  • Usage
  • Cost
  • Carbon footprint

Intuitive Interfaces

  • In-home touch screen
  • Web
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • Android

Demand Response

  • Price-based programs
  • Direct load control
  • Consumer opt-out

Analytics-Based Control

  • Rules-based automation
  • Dynamic, customized savings tips
  • Saving projections

Smart-Meter Ready

  • Supports ZigBee Smart Energy Profile